Where to Go and What to Do

Have you come to Caledon for a specific activity or just to get to know the community? If you are looking for something to do, here are a few suggestions.

Outdoor Activities:

Skiing :







Everywhere, check with biking clubs throughout the region

Check out the Tour de Terra Cotta, our signature biking event July 31st to August 3rd


Scenic / Water / Fishing

  • The Caledon Badlands is open for viewing only.
  • Water activities are open to the imagination. The Credit River is located right down the street and has numerous access points for kayaks, tubes, canoes or swimming.
  • Fishing is an activity that is well supported for in season species.


The Arts

Peartree Bed and Breakfast is also located in an area that is very supportive of the local art community.

The Glen Williams area in Georgetown has a flourishing art community that has stores and working studios for you to view.

The Alton Mill also has the same set up. This community also supports festivals and events that will highlight a theme or an art form.


Additional events and activities can be found by searching: